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About Us

Bloom Music was founded in response to the challenges in the Georgian music industry. At a time when the local scene is at the starting phase, it is important that Georgian artists can fully enjoy all the necessary services. Over the years, it became necessary to create an additional roels in the music industry, the basis of which would be professionalism and love for one's work, which in turn is the foundation of such an ecosystem that would fully satisfy the needs of the artist and create new ways of commercializing creativity.

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Bloom Music was founded in the summer of 2021, when three guys with different experiences in the music industry decided to join forces and knowledge to achieve the above-mentioned goal. We believe that the local music scene has a great potential for development and we will do everything to establish western work practices and standards in Georgia.

We believe that music should not be just a hobby, and that independent artists deserve to be financially rewarded for their work. Bloom Music's desire is to make it easy for everyone to manage, protect and monetize their work, which is the foundation of a better creative process.

Meet The Team

Our Mission

Our mission is to create and provide all the necessary conditions for the development of the Georgian music industry

Our Vision

Bloom Music will try to develop the necessary services for musicians, spread knowledge, provide the necessary experience to the music scene through trainings and professional development within the limits of its own capabilities and resources.


Our Values


Innovativeness - we operate in a creative spirit and promote innovative approaches
Transparency - Our business is based on the principle of openness, accompanied by constant communication and accountability with our clients and partners.
Trustworthiness - We believe that trustworthiness is the foundation of all relationships and we strive to act on this principle in our daily work.
Professionalism - we act within the scope of competence and we believe that only professionalism and knowledge of one's business can bring about positive changes.

Our Team

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