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Music Solution

In today's intricate musical landscape, music saturates our lives in numerous ways, making the solutions offered by brands and organizations crucial. This led Bloom Music to craft the Music Solution service, catering to the needs of those seeking specific musical experiences.

Arranging a musical event demands considerable time and responsibility. To navigate technical intricacies and artistic nuances, trust lies in a team of seasoned professionals well-versed in the local music scene. Their extensive experience ensures that music enhances the event, aligning seamlessly with organizational visions.

The Music Solution service encompasses three core facets: provisioning essential technical gear, orchestrating the musical components of events, and delivering studio services. Each aspect is tailored to craft unforgettable musical experiences.

Our Services

​        - Provision of necessary technical equipment for events (stage / sound system / lighting / screens)

       - Planning/Organizing the musical part of events

  • Customized musical program development

  • Artist selection and booking

  • Artist management (soundcheck and event coordination)

  • Artist hospitality and logistical support (transportation, accommodation, catering)

    Studio services

  • Corporate music creation

  • Song recording / Phonogram preparation

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