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Mechanical Rainbow

Mechanical Rainbow is indie/dream pop band From Tbilisi, Georgia. Formed in 2021, this dynamic group weaves lush melodies, shimmering guitars and haunting vocals into a sonic tapestry, that's both mesmerizing and immersive.

Mechanical Rainbow draws inspiration from a wide range of influences.


Dreamy atmospheres reminiscent of Tame Impala and Phoenix, intertwine with the introspective lyricism of Wallows. Their music seamlessly merges elements of shoegaze, neo-psychedelia and synth-pop, resulting in a sound that's undeniably theirs.

Since their emergence, Mechanical Rainbow has been making a splash in the Georgian indie scene, lauded for their evocative songwriting and captivating live shows. Whether gracing intimate venues or commanding festival stages, the band's infectious energy leaves a lasting impression on every audience member. Their latest singles, “SEVDA’NAREVI”, “ZILINA” & “HOPE.” Which invites listeners on a sonic exploration through dreamscapes and daydreams, have become somehow anthems for their live shows.

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  • Mechanical Rainbow - "Music must be free of fakeness and the listener will definitely feel it" / Marketer

  • Mechanical Rainbow – an interstellar odyssey / Tsa Music


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