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Rights Management

Managing copyrights and related revenues is an essential part of your music career, as it is the process that creates your financial foundation as a music author, performer or rights holder.


The Bloom Music team has extensive experience in copyright management. We help rights owners protect themselves from illegal use of their creations and maximize revenue. Licensing of copyrighted recordings is one of the main sources of royalties that recording studios, artists, musicians and composers receive. The music industry relies on the proper functioning of these processes, and it is extremely important that they are collected in accordance with the law and go to the appropriate parties. Cases like these allow you to earn additional income from the use of your music in such mediums as films, commercials or video games.

From July, 2023 Bloom Musi announced its exclusive partnership with global music publishing leader, Sony Music Publishing, and its prestigious specialty music division, Extreme Music. The collaboration signifies a significant step forward for the Georgian music industry.

The partnership, inked with Sony Music Publishing's Polish division, encompasses synchronization rights and opens doors for Georgian advertising agencies, television studios, and film industry professionals. They now have the license to choose fitting music for their projects from an extensive catalog offered by one of the world's largest music publishers.

Our Services


  • Negotiating with TV, cinema, advertising and other "production" companies to reproduce (synchronize) your musical work, agreeing terms and fees.

  • Terms and royalty agreement for use of sheet music from your musical work.

  • Monitoring the use of a musical work.

  • Prevent unauthorized use and provide compensation.

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