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Erekle Deisadze

Erekle Deisadze is a Georgian musician, author-performer, poet and writer, who can clearly be said to be one of the important Georgian artists of the 2010s. His first appearance took place in the late 2000s, when he formed the band "Eko and Parallel Generation" - the project was from the beginning a social statement from the musician, where he focused on the problems within Georgian society. Soon his literary career also began - today the author calls this period of his creative process "shock therapy".
From 2012, a new stage of his career - together with Temo Ezugbaya, he forms the post-punk duo Eko & Vinda Folio and his solo works takes more social nature, he writes songs such as "Garibta Locva", "Dadeki Mukhlebze", which reflect about distant alienation of georgian political & economic elites from working class.

In 2015, Erekle released his debut solo album called "Iare", where he composed mostly romantic songs. Together with Vinda Folio, he created hits that are already quite  known today, "Rac Mamas unda", "Agurit Khelshi", which was quickly got popular within  Georgian society. During the following years, he was active in the duo format - with the French label Talitres, in 2016 they released the EP "Shen Anateb" and in 2019 the album "Therapy", within which the duo had their first international tour in France.
In 2020, he actively returned to his solo career and started working on new music. The album called "Am Enit Amen" was released on Bloom Music at the end of 2021 and is mastered in the style of contemporaty hip-hop, where the author makes a more radical social statements.

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