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Jaba Shavishvili

Jaba Shavishvili is Georgian Music Journalist, Radio Host, Label Owner, Music Curator & Artist Manager - Founder of Bloom Music & Georgian Music Legacy Collection . His fascination with music ignited during his teenage years, coinciding with the emergence of internet services that allowed him to explore diverse musical genres. This passion subsequently became the central focus of his life. Concurrently, he encountered and delved into Georgian alternative music, previously unfamiliar to him. Intrigued by the vastness of musical content available online, he began curating and organizing it, eventually establishing a YouTube channel dedicated to Georgian music. His initial forays into music journalism commenced by analyzing audio, textual, and visual data about music.

Beyond his primary role, involving the management of digital projects, he has been actively contributing to various online publications since 2014, including Marketer, Tsa Music, Vertigo, and Digital Culture. Beginning in 2016, he initiated the Daira Podcast, aimed at showcasing selections from Georgian producers, DJs, and music enthusiasts. Since 2017, he has played a pivotal role in the SOU Festival team, hosting renowned musicians such as Bjork, Robert Henke, Alva Noto, and William Basinski in Georgia. This year also saw him spearheading a music journalism course at the Vertigo School of Art Management.

From 2018, he has been hosting the weekly radio show "Rewind" on "Radio City," and since 2019, he actively contributes to Tbilisi's online radio, "Mutant Radio," with the monthly program "Digger" and a mix series centered around Georgian music. His teaching endeavors encompass a music journalism course at CES, leading to the establishment of the independent music publication, "Dancing On Architecture," starting in 2020.

Jaba's significant achievements include co-founding Bloom Music (2) in 2021, a music company providing management, digital distribution, and synchronization services to artists. Notably, Bloom Music serves as the exclusive partner of Sony Music Publishing in Georgia. Furthermore, he co-established the Georgian Music Legacy Collection label in the same year, dedicated to releasing independent records of Georgian music.

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